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Exposure To Garden Improves People’s Health And Well-Being, Study Shows

Exposure to garden improves people’s health and well-being, a new study found. This research reveals that accessing a private garden and actively making use of it gives people numerous health benefits.

A team of researchers from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom and the Royal Horticultural Society, a U.K. charity, has conducted this new study.

The research finding was published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning. The study pinpoints the value of private green space, as well as public green space.

The authors have explained the association between green spaces and health benefits. Spending time in green spaces such as gardens is associated with numerous health benefits. The research shows the beneficial influence of green space on our health outcomes.

For the study, the researchers have analyzed a sample of almost 8,000 participants from across England. The team looked at health, well-being, and garden access to the participants. They considered factors including gender, socioeconomic status, employment status, marital status, the presence of children in the household, homeownership, and dog ownership for their study.

Overall research found that people who have access to a private garden have better health and well-being.

“Gardens are a crucial way for people to access and experience the natural environment. Our new evidence highlights that gardens may have a role as a public health resource and that we need to ensure that their benefit is available equally,” Dr. Rebecca Lovell, also of the University of Exeter Medical School and project lead, notes.


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