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People Who Have Large Social Networks Communicate Online Very Politely

People who have large social networks communicate online very politely. A new study has found that people with a large social network are more civil online.

This latest study, using computer-assisted content analysis, explains that social network size plays a key role in the civility of discourse.  

The study has analyzed online incivility during the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic. The analysts have discovered that discussion of hot-button issues on social media has been increased in response to the disease.

The study author also notes that COVID-19 will generate a number of political conflicts.

Incivility is a general term for social behavior that employs “hostile, hateful, aggressive, and aspersive terms. It’s a quality or state of being uncivil or rude.  Social grooming is a behavior in which humans maintain supportive nature among members of one’s social network.

Humans show their social grooming behaviors by providing informational exchange and emotional support to each other in social life.

This new study states that people with a larger social network are more likely to communicate online in polite compared to those with small.

“Twitter users with a larger network size tend to use fewer uncivil remarks when they have more positive responses from others,” the authors concluded. “Compared to users who have larger networks, those with smaller social media networks have fewer opportunities to understand diverse viewpoints.”

The study was performed using the country’s most popular social platform Twitter that involved a final data set of 27,849 tweets. The results were published in the Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking journal.

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